Lily@ 6:23pm 12-21-2012
tigerluvlife62@ 7:04pm 10-15-2011
Love your zoos! Where did you download those cool vines in the reptile exhibits?
Spitfire2nd@ 5:25pm 10-18-2010
those zoos look really great!! dont shut the site down!!
Fishie!@ 4:16pm 08-28-2010
I love your zoo's! They are so realistic! This is so nice site, I think I am going to join the contest! I'm so sorry that I have never given a reaction at! So sorry!
Fishie! (visfreak at
LilyRoseBelle@ 5:57pm 08-08-2010
I am sorry to hear that you got a little frustrated... I saw that not many people left a comment at your s&t at I wanted to post but - i don't speak a single word dutch!
Please don't loose your motivation and keep posting your ideas - either here or at the forum. I will be watching - for sure!
Rejesi@ 4:38pm 08-04-2010
Thank you very much!
I wanted to put the site down because I thought nobody liked it or would watch it!
But reactions like this just give me extra motivation! I'll put as many Zoo's now on this site.
LilyRoseBelle@ 12:16am 07-26-2010
Hi! Since I am not registered at (I don't speak any dutch) I will take the opportunity to say "Thank you" via this guestbook. I think you truly are one of the best ZT2 exhibit-designers around. Your work is highly inspirational for my zoos - I just love your buildings, your originality, the foliage placement - everything! I just want to say: keep up the good work!
Even I don't understand a single word I am constantly checking your show and tell at!
spitfire@ 1:17pm 07-07-2010
your exhibits look really cool
OrcaKid@ 9:58pm 07-01-2010
By the way Exhibith is spelt Exhibit.